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Component Directory
Last updated: March 30th 2000

S1 Available now
S2 Available within 3 months
M Available within 6 months
L Available within 9 months or beyond
? Don't know

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Name Status Active? Summary Description
Personalization News Stories S2 n 7/8 considered componentized.
Personalization Match results S2 n 3/4 considered componentized. Can be made generic but only applies to sports.
Web Wizard S2 Y Website content creation tool
News Publishing (with archive) S2 n Manages headline news, content management
ECommerce Store S2 Y C2C online shop
Auction Room (C2C) S2 n General C2C auction
Auction Room (B2C) S2 Y Prequalified businesses are allowed to place stuff for auction to consumers.
Personal Organizer S2 Y Calendar, Address Book, Todolist, reminder
World time S2 Y Returns time for major cities in the world
Currency Converter S2 Y Calculator based on exchange rates supplied by
Event calendar S2 Y Public calendar without buddy list or appointment features
World weather S2 Y Weather report weblication - current conditions & 5 day forecast - based on feed from
Chat S2 Y (Private | Public) x (1-1 | Group)
Buddy List S2 Y Collection of online ids which you interact with within the weblication
Membership Reporting Tool S1 n
Scavenger Hunt S1 n
Web Based (LDAP/DB) direct mailer S1 n
Personalized Shopping Mall S1 n Only in aggregator mode whereby Consortio do not hosts the shop
Trivia S1 n
Jokes/Cartoons/Poems/Songs S1 n
WebMail S1 n Hotmail-like email web client & backend infrastructure
Video Streaming S1 n (1) VOD (LAN environment only) (2) Delayed webcast (3) Live webcast
Virtual Community Explorer S1 n Runs on IE/Windows platform only
Search Membership Directory S1 n
Search Engine S1 n
Hotel Legacy Database Interface S1 n Programmatic interface to a hotel's property management system. Only works for Fidelio right now.
Quote of the day S1 n --Self explanatory--
Classifieds S1 n --Self explanatory--
Online Newsgroup/Forum S1 n Web-based discussion groups
Voting Poll S1 n Online polling
E-Postcard S1 n Send/receive online postcards
Membership Smartcard Authentication M n
Rugby Tipping Component L n Can be made generic for other team sports e.g. soccer betting
Rugby Component L n Includes (Match Results Publishing, Results Archives, Player Profiles, Architecture etc...) Can be made generic but only applies to "sports"
Billing Engine L n
Online Seminar L n Features similar to
Online Presentation L n Powerpoint slides with audio captioning
Membership Query (LDAP) Query Tool ? n
Personalization System ? n The team believes that SiteServer P&M provides a very customizable framework for creating personalizable weblications. Need to get more info on Robert on extent of this component.